Blu-ray burning is still very expensive, but that isn't stopping from companies trying to innovate. Hitachi is tinkering with a camcorder that will have a built in Blu-ray recorder, to bring recorded video straight onto the high-capacity optical discs. It would use smaller discs than usual, to fit a small handheld device:

The camcorder would not include a conventional drive using discs 12 centimeters in diameter. Instead, Hitachi wants to incorporate a Blu-ray burner that would use 8-centimeter disks, the two executives said. Those drives and the disks that would go in them do not exist yet; the companies involved in Blu-ray are currently fleshing out the specifications for an 8-centimeter Blu-ray drive.
Other companies are bringing devices like this to market as well. With initial retail prices suggested at over $2,500, they won't be in the hands of the majority anytime soon, but it still a cool idea. It'll reach Japan first, and the U.S. last.