Earlier today Creative sent in a press release announcing their latest PC audio gadget, the Xmod. The device is basically an external audio enhancer based on the same technology as the highly regarded X-Fi audio platform. You may recall that's Creative's latest entry in the PC audio market (see our review).

Creative intends to target music enthusiasts on the go, they claim the Xmod can "enhance playback quality for MP3, WMA, iTunes or AAC songs to beyond the original CD quality." The Xmod features X-Fi's Crystalizer and CMSS- 3D virtualization technologies usually available in their PCI soundcards, only this time they come in a rather small package.

We have discussed several times in the past how these work, and although in most cases sound will be audibly different depending on how the signal is altered, whether it sounds better is debatable. To some extent it will depend on your speakers, and what frequencies they can reproduce... and of course, let's not forget about the listener.