Anyone who enjoys MiniITX or is a desktop enthusiast will be familiar with VIA., with their chipsets and other hardware have a huge presence in the desktop market. In a press release issued today, they announced the opening of a community center that will provide computing and Internet access to rural communities in the South Pacific. The most interesting note about this facility is that it is completely solar powered, drastically reducing the cost of operations for such a project.

The center, located in Samoa, is populated by low-power VIA desktops and a server, along with standard office equipment. All of it is able to be powered by two solar panels. VIA has a lot of experience in low power computing, and in fact is what they are most popular for in the enthusiast community, so it makes a lot of business sense for them to demonstrate the effectiveness and practicality where low power demands are much more important than high performance demands. You can read the full press release in the comments section below, and you can get more information on the center itself at Via's website.