Despite still being the most common type of video card found in desktops today, the availability of AGP cards has been declining steadily since the introduction of PCI-Ex. Manufacturers and retailers haven't abandoned them, though, and today Sapphire announced two ATI-based AGP cards. They are based on the Radeon X1650 and X1300XT chipsets. Both sport 256MB of GDDR3, though the X1300 also has a 512MB model with DDR2. The X1650 has a corespeed of 590MHz and a memory speed of 690MHz, along with dual DVI and TV out. The X1300 is slightly slower, with a core clock of 500MHz and memory clock of 500MHz, 400MHz for the DDR2 version.

Both of the cards are expected to be pretty reasonably priced, probably around $150 and $100, though exact pricing and availability haven't been made available yet.