For a long time, Acer was fairly sleepy when it came to making waves. A few months ago though, they surprised some by having record growth in LCD sales, bringing them to the number four spot worldwide. They aim for even higher numbers, shooting to be number three for worldwide sales next year. Their low prices compared to the top three vendors has definitely helped them. They nearly doubled sales over the last year, and would have to do such to achieve that number three spot:

The company expects to ship about 12 million LCD monitors in 2006, the Chinese-language Apple Daily reported earlier this year. The Taiwan-based company shipped about 7.6 million LCD monitors in 2005, for a number four ranking, trailing after Dell, Samsung Electronics and HP, the research firm Displaybank stated in February.
This is good for the consumer, especially considering Acer already offers some of the best-priced LCDs around. The cost of 17” and 19” LCDs, standalone, is still prohibiting to some, but hopefully not much longer.