Up until just recently, Dell and Intel shared a very exclusive relationship that saw Dell pushing just about anything that Intel wanted. It came as a surprise, then, to learn that Dell will not be promoting Intel's newest Viiv label as a choice for home entertainment. Just as the article states, it's a strange twist of fate that sees Dell pushing an AMD solution for home media:

In a bitter twist, Dell and its gaming subsidiary Alienware introduced several new PCs Tuesday with Advanced Micro Devices' dual-core Athlon 64 X2 processors and highlighted its AMD Live software.
While nothing more than a label, Viiv and Live are labels the two CPU giants are putting a lot of effort into, especially with the high growth of home media center PCs. Given that, it can't make Intel happy that one of their biggest consumer retailers has looked elsewhere, at least for the time being. Could Intel and Dell be ditching each other for more suitable partners, such as Apple and AMD?