I was pretty skeptical at first, since it's easy to discredit a company on unreleased software. The more I look into it though, the more it seems true. Trying to push in-game advertising to greater heights, EA is looking to force invasive spyware onto your system should you decide to install Battlefield 2142. While unconfirmed, and with no official statement from EA as of yet, it has been circulating that EA plans to include some form of monitoring utility that will watch your browsing and computing habits even while you aren't playing the game. Needless to say, many are outraged.

I'd be outraged even if this occurred only while the game was running, let alone 24/7. Every once in a while, a company tries to push the limit as to what a user will take. It wasn't too long ago that Sony hit a huge fiasco when bundled spyware intended to prevent “unauthorized copying” was rendering people's machines useless. Is such an event in EA's future? When you throw down $50 for a game, you expect to get exactly that, and nothing more. Especially not this. I hope to hear some official word from EA to find it if this can be substantiated in full. I hope this is not true, as it would be very disappointing to miss out on a game just because a company wanted to play big brother.