Microsoft is releasing a treat for Xbox 360 owners in the form of an official hard drive upgrade. While initially only to be made available in Korea, Microsoft has planned the release of a 100GB hard drive for the unit, allowing users to store more content and put more games onto the local HDD for faster access. Very little info aside from that has been released yet:

Microsoft just announced a 100GB hard drive for the Xbox 360 at their little X06 shindig in Korea, and the drive should be making its way to shelves -- at least in Korea -- by March of '07. There's no info on price yet, or really much info at all, but when has a PowerPoint slide full of Korean characters and lame-fonted "100 GB" overlays ever steered you wrong?
The cost will probably be a lot more than a standard 100GB HDD, but for those wishing to avoid voiding a warranty will probably find it an easy snap-in to the console.