Anyone using Fedora Core will be happy to hear that FC version 6 has been released. While at the time of this writing, the Fedora site has been knocked offline due to the extreme amount of load on their servers, you can still download the release via Torrents, which is 3.4GB to 4.0GB in size depending on what you snag. It's available in both CD and DVD image format. Unfortunately due to the excess traffic, not even the official release notes are available, though there is a mirror available.

Some of the changes include a recompile of all software to improve performance (in some software), additions to CacheFS, IPv6 support in the installer, 2.6.18 default kernel, better display auto-detection (with 7.1), support for the newer Macs and a whole lot more. Even though the site is down, you can still download the release from the numerous torrents and mirrors available.