Fancy creating your own customized search engine? Once again, Google has the answer. The company has unveiled software which allows users to create such customized search engines, allowing them to specify the parameters of where and what the engine will search, or allowing them to create search engines devoted to one specific topic or group of sites.

Marissa Mayer, Google's vice president of search products and user experience, claims that the work has the goal of making it easy for anyone out there to create a search engine without having to be an expert in the technology.

Setting up an engine is easy - the user specifies the title, summary, keywords and a list of domains to search. It’s then possible to tweak the configuration settings to, say for example, make the searches run further or faster, or to add annotations to certain sites, or to give results from certain sites a higher position and so forth.

Want to take part in the Google multi-billion dollar magic? Google wants the world to know anyone can have a piece of the Google action, thanks to Google's new "Custom Search Engine" service.