Windows Vista has finally been released, at least for businesses. More or less around the revised release date, Microsoft has made available to businesses licenses for Vista. That makes both it and Office 2007 now a potential solution for a company, though the rollout for Vista may end up being one of the slowest yet. With such a long timespan between the launches of XP and Vista, and many corporations still relying on Windows 2000 / Server 2000, some are predicting Vista adoption will be slow:

But even with all the touted improvements, analysts expect Vista to only gradually emerge, especially in big organizations where upgrading can be a costly, complicated affair. Gartner Dataquest predicts that it will be 2010 before Vista outnumbers the previous operating system, Windows XP, on business computers.
Retail availability is still 2 months away, so don't expect to see anything more than a billboard and an empty shelf inside a store.