In a very unsurprising move, after a last minute squirming, once again AllofMP3 has been given the green light for continued operation. Threatened with being shut down just earlier this week, they immediately went back to their original defense regarding international law vs Russian law, and have gotten themselves spared... for now:

John Kheit, an intellectual property attorney hired on behalf of Chadbourne & Park to represent AllofMP3, immediately started the conference by claiming AllofMP3 has not broken any laws. He went on to say that AllofMP3 has not been contacted by Russian or U.S. authorities since the Bilateral Negotiations on Russia's Accession to the World Trade Organization. AllofMP3 is not shutting down.
This doesn't mean things will get any easier for the company. Many U.S. and other international companies have stiff sanctions against them, whether it be filtering their site, denying transactions or others. It's even to the point where many companies are explicitly not accepting royalties from or negotiating with AllofMP3. They really don't want them in business. I doubt we've heard the last from them.