The PS3. A joke to some, potential to others. So much potential, in fact, that Sony's VP is saying that the (admittedly spectacular looking) existing titles for the PS3 are a mere drop in the bucket, and harness less than half of what the system is capable of. On top of talking about the potential for future titles to be even more impressive, he referenced a much more “dynamic” play experience, with titles that rely on “user-created” experiences. Something, he says, that will increase replayability:

When asked for his opinion on the PlayStation 3’s launch, Harrison said, “2007 is the year of software, is how I'll answer that,” perhaps acknowledging the lack of software for the new machine. He did go on to elaborate that the aim for PlayStation 3 games is to break free from the old model of buying a game, finishing it, and then never to play it again.
Interestingly enough, he even made the claim that nobody will ever be able to fully use the system to its maximum capability. Regardless of which way you take that, it is a fairly bold statement. Time will tell.