You may not have heard of EVault, but like Maxtor they will be acquired by Seagate, as the hard drive giant seeks to expand into the services sector. Focusing on smaller companies, Seagate is looking to offer a wider variety of products, aside from just storage:

”Today's announcement highlights a strategic next step into services, which is a natural extension of Seagate's core business and will leverage our brand leadership and channel expertise to deliver solutions to the SMB market...”
EVault will give Seagate several more services, including data recovery, online data storage and online backups. Seagate took over two other service companies in recent years, including a DRM company and a data recovery company. Given the extreme importance most companies place on stable and secure data, there's a lot of poential there, which Seagate looks to capitalize on. You can read the full press release at Seagate's site.