If you own a Canon PowerShot camera, specifically one of the A530 or A540 models, be aware that Canon is issuing a recall for certain units in these series. Due to a defect that causes a short, the camera could overheat to the point where it could cause burns. Obvious signs of your camera being defective will be drastically reduce battery life and hot battery doors. In particular, if you own an A530 or A540 with certain serial numbers, your camera is due for a replacement:

The PowerShot A530 and A540 cameras affected by the recall have serial numbers that start with "21", "22", "23" and "24". The serial number can be found at the bottom of the camera. Canon will repair all models affected by the recall free of charge no matter if the camera is in warranty or not.
As it should be, the unit will be replaced for free. On the safety notice on Canon's site, they blame the spring that keeps pressure on the battery door. If it sticks out beyond where it should be, it can cause the short.