Could affordable SSDs be here sooner than we expected? Currently, 32GB solid state flash drives are expected to be in the $600+ realm, being as the cost of flash is so much more than magnetic media. Amazingly, however, Ritek claims that as soon as Q2 207, we'll be able to see 16GB and 32GB models from them in both 1.8" and 2.5" form factors. The real kicker here is that Ritek is claiming the prices will be drastically less than what other companies are pitching, claiming that their 16GB models will only run around $170 for one form factor, or $200 for the other.

Not only does this bring usable solid state capacities into an affordable price range, it seems they are looking to offer a 64GB version later on this year. If so, we'll actually be able to see flash drives compete with desktop drives within the next year, something that many have looked forward to for a long time. I hope to hear more from Ritek on these devices.