Though many are debating the point of having both hybrid hi-def players and hybrid hi-def discs, Warner Bros. demonstrated and is receiving retail support for their hybrid opticals. The “Total Hi Def” disc which was announced a short while back was demonstrated at the CES, and along with it they talked about retail deals already being made with some of the biggest chains around. These include both brick & mortar and online retailers such as Best Buy, Circuit City and An analyst made the statement that such a step is relatively small compared to the long, drawn-out war that has begun between the competing formats:

"Unfortunately, consumers are very confused," Kovsky stated. "This Warner disc helps, because it does eliminate the issue of whether or not the disc [will] work in the consumer's player. It's a step in the right direction, but it's still a baby step."
While I am going to put my money on hybrid players being the de-facto choice for many in the future, the idea of a dual-format disc does sound like it would help make it easier on the consumer. Now it just boils down to price.