Just a few weeks after mentioning they'd at least met 1 million units for the year of 2006, Sony has announced that they have surpassed 2 million PlayStation 3 consoles shipped so far. This is a little later than their original goal of 2 million before January, but not by much:

SCEI today revealed that it had supplied one million PlayStation 3 consoles to its customers in Japan, whereas on the 8th of January it indicated that it managed to ship one million of units to its partners in North America region, thus, the company managed to make available two million PlayStation 3 game consoles about two weeks after its own target for the milestone – by the end of 2006.

Despite that, there are still issues with both supply in some areas, and demand in others. The Wii was able to hit it off better than the PS3 at first, resulting in some stores carrying excess PS3s that aren't selling fast enough. The article mentions that on average, 140 thousand units are shipped while only 115 thousand are purchased. While they can't re-launch, they have promised many good things for the console in 2007. Perhaps when more titles are available, they will have less trouble.