While confirmed only for one country so far, there are some disturbing rumors and even a sneak peek at the Sony site that indicate a potential price increase for the PS3. That's right, an increase. Even though unsold units are sitting on the shelves, the price tag, in Euros, is listed as 629.99. That's $813 USD, an extraordinarily high price, even for the PS3. What is the reasoning? Sony is claiming higher VAT. Whatever it is, it's a good thing to keep our eyes on. This may affect only Ireland, but I doubt that makes them any happier.

In the UK, there is also a hefty price, bringing the total to GPB 425, making it even more than costly than Ireland. Reading further, you'll find that many countries are getting extremely high prices, such as Mexico, who must shell over well over $1000 for one. Ridiculous.