With the release of Vista to the public just days away, hardware compatibility is a big issue across the board. Not so much with prebuilt systems, but for those looking to upgrade. In particular, the highest-end of the nVidia camp in their 8800 series has yet seen a WHQL driver made public. Good news is here, though, for those 8800 users itching to upgrade. While currently keeping a tight lid on things, nVidia has released a driverset to a limited audience for testing purposes. Not officially supporting SLI, nVidia claims they will have a driver available for everyone come January 30th, the day of Vista's release.

It'll support both DX9 and DX10, and calls for improvements over the last set of beta drivers. Interestingly enough, they also note that performance will actually suffer on GeForce 6 and 7 series with this driver, at least for now.