$3 Million for getting expelled? Not even for the purposes of identify theft, but just pulling a prank? It's true, and that's what the parents of three MySpace pranksters are asking for, after one student was expelled and the other two were given a warning. Citing that the punishments were “too severe”, the lawsuit the parents filed follows the creation of a fake MySpace profile created by a few kids:

The sons of the three plaintiffs, at the time 16-year-old students at a high school in Brighton, Tenn., created an account in the name of the assistant principal. Three days and many satirical comments later, administrators finally learned of the prank and expelled one and suspended the others before giving them disciplinary hearing, according to the Commercial appeal.
Talk about ridiculous. Since when does a slap on the wrist amount to millions of dollars in damages? The parents claim that the first amendment rights of the students were violated in this, which, even if true, is hardly worth a suit of such gigantic proportions.