Sony Gives Blu-Ray Discs for Free: Blu-Ray Outsells HD DVD? Blu-Ray Discs Outsell HD DVD by a Factor of Two @ Xbit labs.

Free ODF converter for Word now available: As the first component of this initiative, the ODF Add-in for Microsoft Word 2007 allows to Open & Save ODF documents in Word. Downloads @ @ SourceForge.

Unreal Tournament 3 producer Jeff Morris detailed Epic's goal to ship its forthcoming shooter with 30 to 40 multiplayer maps @ Joystiq.

The first major update to World of Warcraft since its launch has some players worried that those playing the original game are being left with a somewhat barren version of the adventure they're used to @ CNet News.

Silicon Valley's High-Tech Hunt for Lost Friend: When James Gray failed to return home from a sailing trip on Sunday night, Silicon Valley's best and brightest went out to help find him @ NY Times.