In response to Steve Jobs recent statement regarding his wish to abolish DRM, the RIAA retaliated. What do they want? More DRM, of course. Rather than going the way that the masses are pushing and many industry experts are saying must be done, they are pushing Apple to license FairPlay to anyone and everyone, giving manufacturers everywhere the ability to interact with iTunes. In direct opposition to that, there is a fairly good point made by Jobs:

The most serious problem is that licensing a DRM involves disclosing some of its secrets to many people in many companies, and history tells us that inevitably these secrets will leak. The Internet has made such leaks far more damaging, since a single leak can be spread worldwide in less than a minute. Such leaks can rapidly result in software programs available as free downloads on the Internet which will disable the DRM protection so that formerly protected songs can be played on unauthorized players.
A valid point, and one that history as shown would be exploited if made available. Does the RIAA expect Apple to push for even more DRM?