In a press release issued today, OCZ announced a new set of low-latency DDR2 modules. The “Flex XLC CAS 3 Series” runs at a base speed of DDR2-800, and is supposedly designed specifically around the nForce platform, with compatibility geared towards the 680i. It runs at fairly nice timings of 3-4-4, quite a bit better than most DDR2-800 on the market (and in fact better than most 667). They'll only be available in 2GB kits of 2x1024MB sticks, and like OCZ's other memory products come with a lifetime warranty.

It seems strange that OCZ is releasing memory kits geared towards specific chipsets now, with kits specifically for Nvidia platforms and kits specifically for ATI platforms. Just today, Techspot reviewed an OCZ kit designed around ATI platforms. Is that the way peformance components (or any, for that matter) are headed?