Do you like the idea of a network card designed around high performance but find yourself disgusted with the obscene price tags companies like Bigfoot were asking for? While shedding a few ms of latency off a connection might be nice, especially for twitch gaming, it sure isn't worth sinking hundreds of dollars into. Bigfoot understood this, and as such they're offering a new lower-priced performance network card, the “Killer K1”. Supporting the same technologies as the higher priced M1, including LLR, having a very high NPU clock and all the built in utilities, it can be as had for low as $149.

Still, some might find that hard to swallow – after all, the majority of latency comes from your Internet connection and the hops between you and the server, not your local LAN. Regardless, there is a market for it, and it can be argued that cards like this can help in various ways.