Jack Thompson has won himself zero friends in the game industry, with his relentless pursuit of and many lawsuits against it. Particularly, he has been very aggressive towards many games released by Take Two, such as the GTA series and Bully. With several impending releases, Take Two is taking matters into their own hands and firing off a preemptive lawsuit against Thompson, claiming abuse under Florida's "nuisance" law. Given his history of pursuing not only the publisher but even the retailers who shelve these games, Take Two is now seeing him as something that is harming sales or potentially their "relationships" with the stores that carry their games:

According to a copy of the complaint seen by Ars Technica, Take Two has just about had it with Thompson's threats, lawsuits, retractions, and dismissals. Thompson has, in the past, "brought suit on behalf of the State of Florida, dismissed it, filed again, sought a temporary restraining order, and then failed to pursue that motion," says the complaint. Such lawsuits come at "unpredictable times and under unpredictable circumstances" and can disrupt Take Two's relationships with retailers, who can also get dragged into these battles (Thompson at one point sued Best Buy, Wal-Mart, Target, GameStop, and others in the battle over Bully).
They claim that the vagueness of Thompson's lawsuits might drive some retailers to not sell their games out of fear. While it may seem strange to take someone to court to prevent them from suing you, with Thompson's history it really isn't a surprise.