Intel continues to inch towards a stable 45nm process for CPU development, primarily for UMCP applications. Given that AMD is now claiming their new Turions will boost battery life an additional hour, Intel obviously wants a bit of the spotlight too and is coming out to say they are developing a CPU specifically for UMPC. This is a bit of a different path than the previous years, where both AMD and Intel have been modifying existing architecture to make it more suitable for mobile use.

Of their entire planned 45nm line, the UMPC specific CPU will be the first. each of which is geared for specific systems. Exactly how much lower will the power demands of an Intel CPU designed for notebooks be? They aren't saying, but perhaps their claim of a 5W CPU isn't that far-fetched. The mobile Core CPUs have been, if not impressive, at least noteworthy, and they have made huge improvements over their older designs. A reduction in process only helps.