Spamford Wallace is under attack again, this time by MySpace. Last year, Spamford earned the ire of the FTC and was hit with a $4 Million judgement due to his spamming and phishing activities. Now, for virtually the same thing, MySpace has filed a lawsuit alleging that he phished MySpace user accounts and used deceptive tactics to get them to visit his sites. They claim he setup a massive ring of MySpace profiles and spammed many more:

The complaint, filed in the US District Court in Los Angeles, seeks unspecified damages and an injunction forbidding Spamford and his associates from accessing MySpace. It accuses him of violating state and federal laws including the CAN-SPAM Act and anti-spam and anti-phishing statutes in California.
Despite many promises from him in the past to end his spamming ways, his name continues to surface every year or so with another scandal. It was just a few months ago when MySpace sued another spammer, Scott Richter, for virtually the same reasons.