The publisher Zuxxez is fed up with piracy, and has decided to chase down individual uploaders. The decision game as a result of a survey they conducted upon the release of Earth 2160. With around 25,000 units sold in the UK, the company was upset that nearly 900,000 people had attempted to download the game in the same area over the course of a year and a half. That's quite an overwhelming margin of downloads to retail sales. However, the company doesn't have the financial backing to persue them all - so instead they are going after a small group of 500 that were sharing Dream Pinball 3D:

Zuxxez sales director Dirk Hassinger said he wanted to clamp down on file sharers but was daunted by the potential costs of going after 10,000 people, so he opted to try it out on the less popular game, Pinball 3D. Five hundred sharers of the Zuxxez game Dream Pinball 3D are being pursued by law firm Davenport Lyons on the publisher's behalf.
Interestingly, Mr. Hassinger also stated that he cannot verify that the piracy actually lost him any business. He instead threw it into a grey area, with most file sharers saying they wouldn't have bought the game anyway. He also mentioned that they don't intend to make a "business" out of heading to the courts to attack uploaders, unlike the RIAA.