The RIAA again finds themselves overstepping their bounds and getting a slap on the wrist. This time, a Judge denied the RIAA's request to force the son of someone defending themselves from an RIAA lawsuit to turn over his desktop computer. Citing poor justification for such an action, the Judge mentioned that the RIAA was doing little more than “speculating”:

Plaintiffs have offered little more than speculation to support their request for an inspection of Mr. Raymond's desktop computer, based on than his family relationship to the defendant, the proximity of his house to the defendant's house, and his determined defense of his mother in this case. That is not enough. On the record before me, plaintiffs have provided scant basis to authorize an inspection of Mr. Raymond's desktop computer.
It is a good thing a decision like that was reached. It's one thing to find yourself at the wrong end of an RIAA lawsuit. It's another thing altogether to have your equipment seized and inspected simply because someone you know or someone in your family is being sued by them. Ridiculous.