Love it or hate it, each iteration of Windows and Office quickly becomes ubiquitous in work and home environments. To that end, despite many businesses refusing to upgrade and poor sales in many countries, the release of Windows Vista and Office 2007 have been nothing but a boon to Microsoft who are pulling in record profits. For the quarter, revenue for Microsoft was up $14.4 Billion. In fact, it seems that not even Microsoft was expecting such a success:

Revenues from Vista and Office even outperformed Microsoft's internal forecasts. Vista revenues were $300 million to $400 million higher than expected, while Office 2007 sales figures were $200 million above Microsoft's internal targets.
This all comes despite that their entertainment division, responsible for the Xbox and the Zune, is not faring as well. They don't expect this momentum to carry, but are still expecting strong profits from Vista and Office 2007 in the future.