When players and media begin supporting newer content, it's only natural that personal recording equipment catch up. This week, Sony is introducing three new camcorders to the market, all of which are capable of recording in hi-def. The new cameras vary greatly in storage capacity and portability. We start off with the HDR-CX7, weighing a mere 15 ounces and capable of recording three hours of 1080 video on an 8GB memory stick. Larger models include larger batteries and internal hard drives, for up to 60GB of storage space. They aren't cheap, of course, though camcorders rarely are. The units range from $1100 to $1400 and are expected to be launched in June.

While hi-def camcorders aren't exactly new, they are still young off to carry steep price tags. In comparison, however, to record video of this quality only 10 years ago you'd have to spend a lot more than that.