The fallout from HP's spying so many moons due to media leaks has not finished clearing. It seems now, three CNET reporters are suing HP due to HP probing them illegally during that period. It seems they felt HP went overboard when it came to pursuing the source of the media leaks. Others have also gone after HP for the same reason:

Last month during one settlement discussion, which involved four other reporters who were also tracked by HP snoops, journalists requested amounts equal to several million dollars each, according to an article in today's New York Times. (Under the agreement, most but not all of the money would have been donated to charity.) HP, which has already seen its former chairman and two company lawyers resign over the matter, offered a sum closer to $10,00 per reporter.
The reporters won't necessarily take it all the way to court, and are currently "negotiating" with HP. Some say this doesn't go far enough, due to the sensitive nature of the information HP obtained, such as phone records of people related to the reporters.