Could the senate be the saving grace for Internet Radio? After a very close call and a stay of execution, it still seemed to many that the fight against the Copyright Royalty Board was one sure to be lost. However, two U.S. Senators have proposed a bill that would force the hand of the CRB to change what they would collect. Rather than the much steeper royalties they are currently demanding, the act would make the royalty rate based on revenue, giving Internet radio the same standards as traditional radio. Under the existing system, many stations are fearing going out of business due to the increased fees. was quite happy with the bill:

As expected, the SaveNetRadio coalition applauded the Senators bill. "Since the CRB's ruling," said spokesperson Jake Ward, "Internet radio listeners, webcasters, and the artists they promote have joined together to urge Congress to prevent this vibrant industry from going silent on July 15."

Of course, this is by no means the end. Assuredly, groups like SaveNetRadio will be pushing for people to support this act among others as well as looking for other ways to help smaller stations. On the other hand, many are criticizing the act, which claims it will help only big companies see bigger profits.