Every once in a while, we hear about a famous (infamous in this instance) character in the tech world pulling a move that amounts to career suicide, whether it be with a horrible mistake of a game or a really poor choice of words in a PR statement. This time, everyone's favorite Jack Thompson is threatening Microsoft over their impending release of Halo 3. As one of the most popular series and one of the most anticipated titles around, many are paying attention to it, eagerly waiting its release.

Mr Thompson, however, wants it pulled from the shelves, permanently:

Here's the deal, Mr. Gates: Either Microsoft undertakes dramatic, real steps, through its marketing, wholesale, and retail operations to assure that Halo 3 is not sold, via the Internet and in stores, directly to anyone under 17, or I shall proceed to make sure that Microsoft is held to that standard by appropriate legal means. I have done that before successfully as to Best Buy, and I shall do so again as to Microsoft and all retailers of Halo 3.
This comes as a wrap-up following Take-Two not taking anymore of his gruff, who took him to court in retaliation for his relentless pursuit of the company over the GTA series. Thompson ended up settling out of court with Take Two, and is more or less prohibited from suing them for the same thing in the future. Now, instead of taking on a popular game publisher, he's taking on one of the biggest publishers in the market. Given the cash cow that is Halo, I doubt Microsoft will respond with anything except "bring it on". Maybe it will take a move such as this to finally get Thompson to cool his court bloodlust, but we all know this is not the last we'll hear from him.