Intel Mac users will be pleased to know about the release of version 3.0 of the operating system virtualization tool, Parallels Desktop, which is due in the next couple of weeks with 3D graphics support and more than 50 new features, including SmartSelect and Snapshots.

The company claims the new version will support both DirectX and OpenGL titles in Windows virtual machines, allowing users to play 3D games like Quake and Half Life with performance so close to native Boot Camp you wouldn't really notice any gameplay problems. However, not all games will be supported by default; instead a list of supported games will be available and updated whenever there is a new build. Vista Aero support still isn't available, but it is coming in a later release.

Two other major features were mentioned: SmartSelect will allow users to open any file from Windows or OS X with any program from either OS, and Snapshots will let users make a backup of the virtual machine to rollback to a clean state if needed.

Parallels claims this is total OS integration on a file and application level, and it sure sounds interesting. Desktop 3.0 which is currently in a closed beta, will retail for $79.99. However, Parallels is offering a 50% discount for users to pre-buy the software before June 6.