According to a report by The Register, the ad supported internet TV service Joost is looking into getting equipment manufacturers to embed its video-playing software in TV sets and other consumer hardware. David Clark, executive vice president of global advertising for Joost said: "the vast majority of consumers will eventually use Joost as their primary entertainment platform" - bold claims indeed. Others like Apple and Netgear are also competing for a place in consumers' living rooms with their Apple TV and Digital Entertainer HD boxes.

New CEO Mike Volpi said "Joost is a piece of software that can reside on a variety of platforms, including a television with an internet connection, a set-top box, a mobile phone, or in some alternative device that might come out in the future."

"Content owners don't care where content is distributed so long as it reaches a larger number of users who can be monetized, he added."
Joost founders Niklas Zennstrom and Janus Friis made waves in the long established and well-heeled music and telecom industries in the past - with Kazaa and Skype respectively, - this time they are trying to redefine the way people watch television. However, Joost still needs to score content deals with major television networks in order to offer more appealing programming.