Back in April, there were many stories about a fairly controversial decision made by the Government of Thailand. Due to a video on the immensely popular site that poked fun at the King of Thailand, access to it was blocked. While the steps were rather draconian, the Thai Government did apparently seek to work with Google to block "offensive" content from making it within their borders.

Now, nearly three months later, they have reversed their position and will be lifting the nationwide ban on the site. Several reasons are cited, including an upcoming shift in Government and a reduction in power for the "Information and Communications Technology Minister":

"I don't want the ICT minister to have too much decision-making power, especially when we'll soon have a new government," Mr Sitthichai said.
"Under the new law that governs electronic transactions an attempt to close a website needs to go through the courts."

Google said very little about the block, and whether or not they will be working with Thailand (or any other particular nation) to cater to their nation-specific needs is unclear.