Earlier this year at the CES, Warner Home Video unveiled its answer to the rift in the high-definition DVD industry. The "Total HD" technology promises support for both HD DVD and Blu-ray formats on a single disc by sandwiching two data layers atop one another, with each layer capable of being read by its respective player. Nonetheless, the company recently announced Total HD movies won't be rolled out in late 2007 as promised at CES; instead they'll be reaching the market in 2008.

Total HD disc would do away with the need for hybrid players, and may solve the problem of media retailers having to divide their high-def shelves into separate segments. However, some think a union between both formats may not be necessary, and Warner might have intentionally delayed the release to wait and see if a winner in the format war emerges after this holiday season. The studio didn't provide further details, other than to say that it wants to avoid confusing customers further by putting yet another format on retail shelves.