Sony has reportedly overcome problems with its blue-violet laser diodes production used in the PlayStation 3 gaming console, and is confident that its newest console will match the 115 million units sold by the PlayStation 2. The Japanese giant ramped up its production to 1.7 million blue-violet laser diodes units monthly, sufficient for its console commitments and plenty of standalone Blu-ray players as well.

"Production problems have now ceased, we're in full production as far as PlayStation 3 is concerned and there's a steady chain of supply in North America, Japan and Europe," said a spokesperson for the Computer Entertainment division of the Japanese corporation.
Sony claims it sold 5.5 million PlayStation 3 units in the fiscal year ended March 31 2007, despite production problems. According to a company's spokesman they are aiming towards a much broader lifestyle for home entertainment enthusiasts and they will eventually match the wild success of the PS2, "Ultimately it will come down to content," explained the company's spokesman.

Ultimately it comes down to content indeed. The PlayStation 2 console crushed its competition in part thanks to a wide availability of attractive exclusive titles. However, thus far that has not been the case with the PlayStation 3. The company recently announced a host of new games will be released in the current business year, ending March 31st 2008, we'll have to wait and see if a boost in attractive games availability will help Sony to live up to its claims.