Even though the first generation combo HD drives are a minor bit in an already minor market, manufacturers are still eager to show their interest. LG Electronics is now unveiling their second generation of drives that support both of the warring hi-def formats, a bit of a slap in the face to the backing camps of both who insist one must conquer the other.

LG's new drives are in the “Super Multi Blue” family, and include the GGW-H20LI and GGC-H20LI. For the functionality of these drives, and in comparison to the drives of last year, they are incredibly cheap: $499 and $399. That's a significant drop in price, and brings them closer to mainstream drives and more attractive to the consumer.

Whether HD-DVD or Blu-ray ends up becoming the dominant format, the dominant optical drive will likely be these combo units. While standalone drives for a single format are dropping in price rapidly, with Toshiba's HD-DVD units dipping below $300, the multi-format units aren't far behind.