Canadian scientists crack Checkers code: The feat essentially means the team's checkers-playing program, Chinook, can never be beaten at the game. It can only be tied - and only when its opponent plays a perfect game.

Windows Seven is on its way, kinda: Among the information shared was that Microsoft is anticipating it will take at least three years from now to get the next version of Windows client out the door. ZDNet.

Think twice about clicking on that e-card: Spammers launched a widespread attack on e-mail inboxes this month. But instead of trying to lure users into opening a corrupted attachment, they're concealing a computer virus in a link to an online greeting card. Houston Chronicle.

Silicon Valley Startup Ooma Inc. Promises Free Domestic Phone Calls: A Silicon Valley startup wants to shake up the telecommunications industry with a $399 gizmo that provides free, unlimited domestic phone calls for homes with broadband Internet service. ABC.

John Carmack reckons PhysX is useless: Co-creator of Wolfenstein, Doom and Doom 3, John Carmack, has put a firm boot into the face of Ageia’s PhysX chip, saying that ‘I am not a believer in dedicated PPUs.’ TheInq.