Even though still not officially sanctioned, 802.11n products are making their way to stores around the world. Many laptops are even coming with cards that have 80211n Draft 2.0 support and many retailers are carrying standalone access points and adapter cards. It's still a very small blip in the market, but many, including D-Link, expect that to change very rapidly.

D-Link alone is expecting to ship 1 million 802.11n products during the fourth quarter of this year, nearly doubling what they are already selling today:

By the fourth quarter, shipments of 802.11n products will account for 30% of D-Link's total shipments of wireless products, compared to 17% in the first half, Liao was quoted by the Chinese-language Commercial Times as indicating.
This is good news for D-Link, but is also good news for other companies manufacturing Draft 2.0 products, since it is an indication that people are being very receptive to 802.11n adoption.