Controversial game publisher Rockstar wants the rest of the industry to rally behind them in an attempt to combat the rating problems Manhunt 2 is facing, claiming that the repercussions of the ban represent an attack on the video game industry as a whole.

In an interview with Develop magazine, Rockstar Leeds chief Gordon Hall pointed out that Manhunt 2 is not significantly different from the first Manhunt, but he believes it's the atmosphere of the game industry itself that's changed against this type of game. He insists that the industry should change the perception of games as merely children's toys:

"We are an adult entertainment industry - we may have started out with child-like technology making games solely for a younger audience, but it's just not like that anymore. It might take legislature a little while to catch up, but if the industry sticks together hopefully we can change people's attitudes quicker."
He indeed does make a good point, however, it's a point that many will refuse to accept. You can check out the complete interview with Rockstar Leeds founder Gordon Hall here.