The ambiguous launch of Barcelona inches ever nearer. Probably in order to pick up interest a bit as the year drags on, AMD has released some pricing information on several Barcelona based CPUs, including Opterons from the 2300 and 8300 series.

The 8300 series is aimed exclusively as very powerful servers, with the lowest priced units coming in at $688 when clocked at 1.8GHz. The goes all the way up to $1004 for the 2GHz units.

Much more interesting than that are the 2300 series units. Starting at 1.7GHz, you'll only have to shell out around $206 for one, going up to $372 for the fastest 2GHz Opteron 2350. This is more interesting because the Opteron has seen limited success in the workstation and even desktop arenas for enthusiasts, AMD enthusiasts in particular. With "relatively" lower costs, the 2300 series might be something early Barcelona adopters go after.

If AMD keeps their word, Barcelona based Opterons will launch this month. We'll see.