After Alienware sold themselves to Dell, it was only expected that other enthusiast-PC manufacturers would look for bigger brothers to help them along as well. It was no surprise when Voodoo PC began working with HP, and now after a year they have unveiled what will be the first joint HP-Voodoo machine.

Dubbed the HP Blackbird 002, the unit has a fairly unique looking chassis that has sprouted a leg, hovering a few inches off the ground. It is no lightweight when it comes to strength or power, having enough mechanical strength to have anything stacked on top of it and sporting a 1100W PSU. Why exactly you'd want to stack something that weighs hundreds of pounds on your PC I'll never know, but for the 1100W PSU it's clear it is aimed at people who want massively powerful components, and lots of them.

They really spared no expensive when fabbing this unit, and retailers have come a long way from not having anything that an enthusiast would consider buying. The machine also has a fully sealed water cooling system that is "maintenance free", lacking an external radiator. In its top-tier form, you'll be spending more money than you might on a cheap car - $6500. It can go lower, down to $2500. Maybe the $2500 edition can only withstand 200 pounds of force instead of 600.

I admit, the chassis design looks interesting, if not outright strange. Nothing unusual for Voodoo PC, however. Now we'll see if teaming up with HP was the right thing to do.