I never feel bad when I hear about spammers and scammers getting their dues. While certainly not actually convicted of a crime yet, a Nigerian man has been arrested in Canada, and now stands accused of running one of the infamous 419 scams.

This particular scammer wasn't all that bright, traveling to Winnipeg to meet his mark in person and supposedly collect more scammed cash. The man being scammed wised up before it was over, and as a result the 419er was caught.

While I hope that more and more scammers are caught, I also find it hard to feel bad for many who get duped. Nothing on this earth could convince me to send $30,000 to a bank account in Ghana with promises of getting an inheritance. Unfortunately many people do fall for these obvious tricks as the scams only seem to grow year by year. A few months ago, Dutch police arrested a mass amount of suspected 419ers.