In traditional corporate fashion, SCO has elected to point fingers rather than take responsibility for their downward spiral. While I fail to see how investing literally billions into attacking companies that are in the same business as you is a reasonable marketing strategy, SCO thinks their woes are instead caused by Linux.

The CEO of SCO, Darl McBride, says increased competition from the infamous Linux kernel and the plethora of associated open source projects have forced their hand in the bankruptcy protection they filed for last week. Of course none of this is really surprising - we all know SCO's behavior and their words are mostly hollow given the course they have taken.

The outcome of all of this has a lot of important impact, especially if SCO should falter and ultimately fail as a company. Not only will it impact companies that rely on Unix and Linux, but it will also have a huge impact on Microsoft. While Microsoft has no worries about financial backing, they too have made open attacks on Linux. In fact, Microsoft has been even more aggressive about it - at least in terms of public relations. Could a crushing defeat of SCO make Redmond reconsider their tactics towards Linux?