The Google blog today got an interesting entry regarding Google Reader. If you've never used Reader before, it's a portal page in which you can add various news sources to create your own conglomerate daily news page. For a long time, however, it has been available only in english - making it reach a much smaller audience than other Google services.

As of today, however, they have changed that. Google Reader now supports eight common languages, opening the site up to a worldwide audience:

Up until now, our blog and news site service, Google Reader, was only available in English. As of today, it supports these languages: French, Italian, German, Spanish, English (UK), Chinese (Traditional and Simplified), Japanese, and Korean.
Obviously this will make the the page available to a much larger number of people and is a good move by Google. As a sidenote, the Reader project also had its "Labs" label removed, moving the service out of the "test" bin and into the more formal plethora of Google