Google has just quietly decided to dive into the arena of social bookmarking with its new social link sharing service called Google Shared Stuff. Similar to, Reddit and the various other bookmark sharing sites, Google Shared Stuff offers a way to share links with others via a browser bookmarklet that you can drag into your toolbar.

Besides adding links to your Shared Stuff page or emailing them to friends, an interesting addition is the option to use Shared Stuff to post links to related social bookmarking sites such as Facebook, Furl,, Social Poster, Reddit and Digg.

There is also a globally available "most popular" page which lets you take a look at the most-shared pages and subscribe to an RSS feed for updates. Although Google Bookmarks has been around for a while, this new service adds the "social" component that other bookmark services have and, as Google Blogscoped suggests, it could be another piece of Google's so-called "Maka-Maka" social effort mentioned in a training video that was leaked earlier this month.